Skin Care

Ready To Give Facial Cleansing Gloves a Whirl

- Are these face wash gloves ecologically sound? By using cleansing gloves, you won't need to stock up on cotton pads, micellar water or beauty products that may not come in eco-friendly packaging. Less waste = happy planet! Plus they last for 3-4 months, so you'll be able to free up space in your bathroom. Result: a money-saving, eco-friendly beauty booster! - Are cleansing gloves multi-taskers? Run the face wash gloves under cold or lukewarm water and you'll be able to remove make up in one swift stroke - any grime will be sucked up by the glove's fibres. They'll also gently exfoliate your epidermis. Use gentle circular movements to brighten your complexion and boost skin cell renewal. - Do cleansing gloves suit all skin types? Unlike cleansers and textures that are skin type-specific, cleansing gloves are designed to be used by us all. They regulate sebum production on oily skin, whilst boosting sebum production when used on dry skin. They even work wonders on acne-prone skin.

- Are cleansing gloves tricky to use? Waterproof mascara, smokey-eye make up and concentrated eye shadows can be hard to remove using only water. You may have to repeat the process to remove all residues and doing so could irritate your skin. - Do cleansing gloves need washing? You'll need to wash your glove after every use and leave it to dry by your washbasin. You could pop it in the washing machine (less ecological), as it needs to be clean and hypoallergenic. Not practical if you're rushed off your feet! - Do cleansing gloves lack a sensual touch? Do you love your lotion, adore your silky oil or crave your comforting micellar water? Cleansing gloves aren't about pampering textures - it's tap water or nowt at all! They're about cleaning skin rather than wrapping it up in comforting treatments. Eek!