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Puffy Panda Eyes? Check Out These 4 Complementary Therapies!

Puffy Panda Eyes Check Out These 4 Complementary Therapies

Hydrating our bodies is essential if we want to avoid waking up to puffy faces and eyes. Effective hydration means our body is able to retain the correct amount of water. In other words, neither too much nor too little! If we're dehydrated our skin will age more quickly and our complexion will become dull. If our body contains too much water, it will drain itself, losing minerals and vitamins in the process and putting our kidneys under pressure. So we need to give it exactly the right amount of water: 1.5 litres of water/fruit or herbal teas, alongside lots of raw or blanched vegetables, such as cucumber, lettuce or courgette (all of which contain around 95% water). We should also look after our liver in order to reduce puffy eyes - orange flower water infusions, rosemary and nettle to the rescue!

If our cheeks are puffy it can mean our stomach and intestines need a helping hand. We need to stimulate pressure points that govern our stomach. An acupuncturist will use their fists to repeatedly stimulate the point at the top of our fibula, under our kneecap. Puffy eyes can indicate sluggish kidneys and can be treated by stimulating the Taixi point, which is found behind the medial malleolus. You can do this DIY-style by gently tapping the base of your spine with your palm. Another simple, effective method is to pop a hot water bottle under your back when you go to bed.

Sulphites - often found in young wines - affect our liver function and can cause puffy eyes in the morning. Take 5 granules of Sulfur 9CH after your evening meal, followed by two further doses the next day. To deal with water retention caused by eating salty foods, take 5 granules of Apis Mellifica 9CH and Solidago 5CH (a liver cleanser) twice a day. You'll be impressed at how quickly they work! Don't be afraid to talk to your GP or homeopath for a made-to-measure treatment plan.

Experienced beauticians are worth their weight in gold! Using essential oils, a professional, 30-minute lymphatic massage will help drain your body of toxins. Antiseptic, antibacterial and detoxifying essential oils smooth out our features and counteract toxins that poison our bodies.