Skin Care

Prolong Your Summer Vibe with These 20 Beauty Tips

Just because summer is over and we're back at our desks doesn't mean we can't make our summer last a little bit longer. Here are 20 beauty tips to keep your soul at the seaside, even if you're stuck in front of your computer!

1. Continue to use your summer’s floral and tropical fragrances until fall and early winter.

2. Keep your wavy, beach hair by spritzing it with sea-salt water.

3. Shower or bath with monoi lotion, gel or oil and feel like a tropical princess.

4. Show off your summer pedicure by slipping on a pair of bright slippers.

5. Eat foods like carrots, papaya, mango, which have a high beta-carotene content, to prolong your summery glow.

6. Moisturise your skin with a shimmering body oil.

7. Dab a touch of bronzing powder on the tip of your nose for a sun-kissed look.

8. Keep mixing up your smoothies using fresh, late summer fruits.

9. Go for early morning jogs while the sun rises early and before winter sets in.

10. Use up every last bit of your after-sun, to keep nourishing and soothing your epidermis, after its onslaught of sun, wind, salt, and chlorine.

11. Condition your hair with coconut oil to remind you of tropical beaches.

12. Go easy on the make-up while you still have a lovely sun-kissed glow.

13. Apply light-coloured nail polish - powder pink, nude, caramel. You've got plenty of time before you need to switch to an autumnal palette.

14. Keep wearing your summer jewellery for a few weeks longer.

15. Pop into your hairdresser's to refresh your summer highlights.

16. Dig out your sunglasses - yes, your eyes need protection from the sun even in the fall.

17. Book a spa day to keep your holiday zen in place.

18. Braid your hair - this summer's must-have look.

19. Apply BB creams, which are lighter than foundations.

20. Cycle to work - and pretend you're heading to the beach.