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Probiotics For Perfect Skin?

Probiotics For Perfect Skin

Probiotics are micro-organisms that we can either source from food or supplements. They colonise our intestines, without multiplying or implanting themselves in our intestinal walls. They're 'friendly bacteria' or living micro-organisms that help bacteria naturally present in our bodies to support our immune system. Probiotics, therefore, work on a deep level to help our bodies combat harmful external factors such as pollution, stress, poor diets and viruses. They protect all parts of the body where bacteria flourish (including our mouths and private parts) but their focus is on the digestive tract. Yoghurt, a probiotic superfood All yoghurts contain probiotics, but certain brands contain ultra-powerful strains such as Bifidus Actif and L.Casei. Their aim? To boost our bodies and intestinal flora, so that we can more easily digest lactose and better absorb our daily calcium intake. Fermented milk, brewer's yeast, sourdough bread, soya-based foods, sauerkraut and olives are other probiotic-containing foods.

Feeding our guts also feeds our skin! Having healthy bacteria in our intestines is essential if we want perfect skin. Remember the saying 'beauty comes from within'?

Well one thing's for sure: when our guts are playing up, we're left tired, grumpy and ill. All of which have a direct impact on our skin. Latest skincare research has gone one step further. Probiotics are proving to be powerful active ingredients that both protect and strengthen our skin. They help our skin's natural defences, whilst preserving its natural ecosystem. This means our skin can better deal with fatigue and stress. Some can soothe irritations, making them a great option for anyone with sensitive skin. Others protect, hydrate and strengthen the epidermis. Which is why probiotics are now also colonising our anti-ageing treatments!