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Pro-xylane, a furrow-busting active ingredient

Proxylane a furrowbusting active ingredient

Our skin sags with time... It wilts away as it becomes less dense and plump. Skin cells that support the dermis can't keep up the pace, cell renewal slows down and collagen production runs out of steam. Our skin becomes thin and fragile, wrinkles deepen and laughter lines settle in for good. The Deep Wrinkle Invasion has landed. However, wrinkles aren't just age-related - smoking, sun exposure, pollution and lifestyle all affect our skin. Frown lines, crow's feet, laughter lines, tear troughs, barcodes above our mouths. But don't panic, help is at hand! Nowadays there are treatments designed to tackle the deepest of furrows.

Pro-xylane comes from a natural sugar called Xylose and is the first global action, anti-ageing molecule capable of rebuilding our skin's extra-cellular matrix. In other words Pro-xylane restructures all of our skin's support tissues. It can deal with deep wrinkles, dry skin and sagging, to leave our skin youthfully dense. The result? Plumpness all round! Regularly applying Pro-xylane-based treatments will leave your skin plump, smooth, even-toned and glowing.