Skin Care

Pre-summer Challenge: Lose Weight with a Skin-friendly Diet

Avoid crash dieting like the plague as its yo-yo effect harms both our body and skin. It may blast away fat but it also damages fibers in the dermis and leads to saggy skin. To keep your skin youthfully plump, apply a firming body cream morning and night to tone up and soften your limbs.

Cut down on quantity, but not on quality. Skin-friendly foods tend to be low-calorie, so stock up on foods that are filling and good for your skin.

Top of The List?

Fruits and veggies, of course, for their vitamin-packed, fiber-laden detoxifying properties. Apricots, red fruits, carrots, and herbs such as parsley perfectly fit the bill. Don't forget animal proteins as their amino acid content helps the skin regenerate. Also, protein-rich food makes us feel fuller! Eggs, poultry, and dairy products are good bets.

Avoid blemish-causing fried and sugary foods. Essential fatty acids soften skin tissue, so fill your plate with oily fish and down a spoonful of olive oil once a day.

The Glowing Skin, Weight-shifting Winner?

Green tea pumps your skin full of antioxidants and helps burn fat! On the other hand, soya is great for firming up the skin. Also, low-calorie, protein-rich tofu nourishes collagen fibers. Finally, add foods that contain high levels of Vitamin C to your list (citrus fruits, papaya, etc.).

Additionally, you need to adopt a cleansing routine that firms up your skin. Apply mousse, oil, or other emulsified textures that you can massage on to your skin. That way, you can cleanse and give your circulation a boost in one fell swoop. Diets can be tiring and this will help you maintain your healthy glow!

If you want to up the ante, invest in a mechanical or electric brush to massage and fire up the fibroblasts that produce skin-firming collagen. Also, treat yourself to a firming cream with restructuring active ingredients to stimulate elastin and collagen production. Evening-wise, apply a cream that contains regenerating active ingredients to help your skin tissue renew itself overnight.

Finally, there's nothing better than a facial workout to naturally lift your features. Start by clenching your jaw muscles and follow by massaging your facial contour with your fists, working up from your chin to your ears. A daily face-firming pleasure!

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