Skin Care

Perfect your cleavage for the summer

This is a tip that we should adopt all-year-round: finish off your shower with a jet of cold water. The best method is to spray each breast in a clockwise circular motion. This has an energizing action that firms up the skin and enhances the chest. It is a shock to the system the first few times but the quick, perfect cleavage results will make you stick with it.

Exfoliation is advisable but no more than once a week; just enough to combat dead cells and soften and illuminate the skin without irritating it.

It would be a shame for our chest area to sag and wrinkle because of ageing and sun exposure. It also has the right to the same anti-ageing routine as our face. So, every morning, offer it a dose of anti-ageing active ingredients with lifting properties to guarantee firmness and tone.

Apply your cream to your neck and cleavage with the end of your fingers, starting from the curve of your shoulders until the start of your breasts, then move up and outwards.

Sit up straight!

We all know we should but sometimes it is easier said than done. What is our tip? The same one as the ancient yogis have been telling all this time. Sit up straight!

Also, whether standing or sitting, when your arms are at your sides, turn your palms and wrists slightly outwards. This opens up the shoulders naturally and highlights your chest. It is an easy and effective step towards having a beautiful cleavage.

There's no need to sign up for the gym; five minutes in the living room is enough.

Sit on the floor with your legs crossed, arms crossed, and elbows at chest height. Breathe in and out, pushing your arms against each other. Keep your stomach and buttocks tight. Repeat 10 times.

This contracts the pectoral muscles and eventually lifts the chest.

The L’Oréal Paris White Perfect Anti-Dullness Scrub cleanses the skin thoroughly and eliminates all impurities. Its unique exfoliating beads remove dead skin cells to reveal a radiant complexion. Additionally, it unclogs pores and washes away excess sebum. Pores are visibly minimized and skin texture is brighter and refined over time.

Gently apply and massage the L’Oréal Paris White Perfect Anti-Dullness Scrub on the cleavage and rinse off with water to reveal the skin’s true radiance.