Skin Care

Oxygenating Skin, The Key To Getting The Glow

Your skin is an organ that breathes from within via the circulatory system and from the outside through its pores. External factors - pollution in particular - affect the oxygenation of its tissues and the surface suffocates as a result. At a deeper level, intracellular exchange is reduced, toxins accumulate, and cell regeneration slows down. Not good news! Here's what you can do to combat it.


Pollution, sebum and make-up prevent the effective oxygenation of the skin. Result: a dull complexion. Cleansing your skin thoroughly - but gently - will help bring back its glow. Once cleansed, the skin can breathe.



Removing dead cells from stratum corneum is essential if the skin is to properly 'breathe'. Scrubs also stimulate the circulation, which allows cells to breathe and metabolise, thanks to an increase in the supply of oxygen. Try the White Perfect Anti-Dullness Scrub by L’Oréal Paris to remove dead skin cells and reveal a radiant complexion. The powerful exfoliating beads in the White Perfect Anti-Dullness Scrub boost skin complexion by minimizing visible pores and refining the skin.



A facial massage will improve the circulation and therefore oxygenation. Using your fingertips, massage the cheeks using circular movements, followed by rolling up towards your ears. Next, starting at the side of your nose, run your index fingers along your lower sinuses. Continue with circular movements across your brow bone to your temples. And then smooth your forehead with the palm of your hand, working upwards from between your eyebrows. Finish off by lightly tapping your face with your fingertips. Result: oxygen is sent to the facial tissues.



When we move around, our bodies need to increase our oxygen supply so that our muscles, heart, and brain correctly function. Our blood vessels dilate to better oxygenate our tissues. Our pores open, so as to expel cooling sweat. The net result: oxygenated skin.


Visit a dermatologist

Modern dermatological treatments can inject oxygen directly into the heart of skin cells by using a high pressure machine to pump a serum rich in oxygen, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid into the pores. The result is instant - the skin becomes supple and glowing.