Skin Care

Objective: Fresh Complexion, 3 Days Tops

Objective Fresh Complexion 3 Days Tops

Due to lack of time (or sheer laziness, let's be honest), we all have a tendency to always eat the same things, and to eat too much fat and sugar. But a detox treatment can reverse years of rubbish eating in just three days ; all you need is a little motivation. Oh, and loads and loads of raw fruit and vegetables. They are rich in vitamins and enzymes, and boost the body and cell renewal. Stick to a diet of just raw foods, plus drinks of lemon juice each morning, followed by at least 1.5 litres of water/tea/herbal tea a day, for three days, and you can say goodbye toxins, hello a fresh complexion!

And while all that great food is working its magic on the inside, here's what you do for your outside:

Day 1: Exfoliate. Choose a scrub with fine grains for your face.

Day 2: Purify with a clay mask. Choose green, red, or white depending on your skin's needs, leave on for 15 minutes (enough time for a manicure!) and rinse off with warm water.

Day 3: Hydrate and nourish. The ideal ? A hydrating mask rich in hyaluronic acid coupled with a combination of vegetable oils.

A dull complexion is often due to a problem with lymphatic circulation in the face. To remedy this, there is nothing better than massaging your own face.

Day 1: Decongesting massage. Massage from the centre of your face outwards in small, firm circles.

Day 2: Smoothing massage. On the forehead, around the contour of the eyes and the oval of the face, massage in smoothing movements, sometimes with the palms of the hands, sometimes pinching the skin between the thumbs and the index fingers.

Day 3: Relaxing massage. With the fingertips, massage in upward movements over the entire face. On the temples, massage in small circles and finish by tapping the skin.

The final part of the programme is the right skincare treatment. A thirsty skin is dull and wrinkled so apply a product designed for hydration. Then use a BB cream or a cream full of illuminating pigments to blend with your skin and maximise your own skin tone. Job done. Your complexion should be even and will catch the light perfectly. With the added bonus of knowing you've probably never been healthier.