Skin Care

No More Shiny Skin!

No More Shiny Skin

Your skin naturally secretes sebum through its sebaceous glands. Its role is to maintain the balance of lipids (fats) creating a barrier on the surface of the skin. This barrier protects us from external aggressions and maintains hydration. There are many sebaceous glands around the T-zone of the face. When there is an imbalance in the glands, and too much sebum is produced, you get shiny skin. There are many causes for this imbalance. Skin often secretes extra sebum to counteract daily environmental aggressors: pollution, sun, tobacco, etc. It can also be caused by dehydration: to retain water at all costs, the skin makes itself more impermeable by adding fats to its surface. The shine can also be caused by using the wrong cosmetics (too rich or too harsh) or by make-up, which suffocates the skin.

Firstly, you must cleanse your skin thoroughly, morning and evening, to get rid of excess sebum. Choose a light make-up remover; a micellar water, for example; then clean your face with a cleanser especially for oily skins. These products deep cleanse the skin while controlling the amount of sebum produced. Then, apply a hydrating cream; even if this does seem counter-intuitive; as shiny skin often lacks water. Choose products designed for combination skin types, which cleanse and hydrate while still controlling the amount of sebum produced. They sometimes offer a matte effect, which is great for shiny skins! In the summer, opt for a hydrating serum in the morning and a purifying care product in the evening. Once a week, use a green clay face mask to absorb the excess sebum more thoroughly. During the day, avoid the sun, which increases sebum production. As soon as the skin starts to shine, use an oil-absorbing sheet to blot the skin, or apply loose powder with a large brush. Our tip: avoid putting on too much make-up, to let the skin breathe.