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New Year's Resolution Time: 5 Sports To Help Me Get Perfect Skin

New Years Resolution Time 5 Sports To Help Me Get Perfect Skin

Jogging will never go out of fashion... It's as cheap as chips, doesn't involve signing a gym membership and only requires a good pair of trainers. Start slowly - ten minute jogs to begin with and then gradually increase the time. The ideal? Three jogging sessions a week. When we run, our blood vessels pump blood to the surface of our skin, leaving it clean and toned.

Exercise should be fun and there are loads of options out there: body combat for those who fancy a martial arts twist, Swedish fitness for aerobics meets disco and step classes for any one who's not clumsy! Apart from being popular, workouts do wonders for our skin. They boost our heart function and by sweating our skin can get rid of toxins.

Work, kids, the OH, stress... When we're under pressure our bodies increasesebum production: welcome to oily skin, clogged pores and spots! Perfect skin needs a bit of zen and yoga is THE way to kick your stress to the curb and lift your spirits. Added plus: the upside down positions pump blood to the face, nourishing our skin for a healthy glow.

Swimming, aqua biking, aqua aerobics, longe-côte (a French invention that's like an aquatic hike)... All water sports oxygenate our cells and channel nutrients around our bodies. The result is better circulation so that our skin gets its daily dose of vitamins. What's more they're great for draining skin, so help combat orange peel skin andcellulite.

Sports that work our muscles also work our skin. Whether at home or in a gym, when we tone up our muscles, our skin follows suit. So time to get motivated and tone your tummy, backside, thighs and arms!