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New: try cream based cleansing!

New try cream based cleansing

You know this already, but we can't bang on about it enough: taking off your make-up and having a clean face is necessary for getting beautiful skin and keeping it that way for as long as possible. In the evening before you go to sleep - and even if you stay out late! - to get rid of all the impurities which build up throughout the day and in the morning to remove all the overnight toxins, you should always take your make-up off without fail. If we only had one word of wisdom to pass on to young girls, it would be this:

choose a cleanser that is suited to your skin type and use it gently and lightly - paying special attention to the eyes, especially for lovers of waterproof mascara and a smokey eye - to get a luminous complexion. And finish up with a spritz of thermal water or floral water to make your skin feel fresh.

Given that this beauty routine should be repeated daily in the morning and evening, it's so important to choose a product that won't irritate your skin! A bad cleanser can easily clog up your skin just as much as the impurities that appear throughout the day, and a cleanser that is too strong may damage your skin's protective hydrolipidic film. Your skin will become thinner, more uncomfortable and more susceptible to redness.

You should therefore look for skincare that is gentle, comfortable and soft but is still effective without needing to constantly rub your face! Cream cleanser, being smoother than cleansing milk or micellar water, pampers your skin, nourishes it and makes it more beautiful day after day. Plus, no redness or itching, no tightness, all the signs of sensitive or irritated skin are ancient history! Give this new trend for potted cleansers a go!