No need to clear your bank account at the chemists - just follow these tips to give your immune system a helping hand and boost its natural defences. You'll easily find everything you need to get back into tip top shape and kiss goodbye to your tired skin.

Probiotics: These friendly bacteria come from our food and form the heart of our immune response. They help us deal with damaging external factors, such as viruses, pollution and heavy metals. You'll find probiotics in yoghurt, sauerkraut, olives and yeast. They help our skin by boosting its immune response, so that it can combat fatigue and stress.

Shellfish: bursting with trace elements, iron and Vitamin D, shellfish are superfoods when it comes to helping our immune system. Their high antioxidant content means they combat oxidative stress caused by free radicals that damage the cells in our epidermis and cause premature skin ageing. Tucking into some shellfish is a surefire way to kiss goodbye to tired skin!

Royal jelly: royal jelly boosts our bodies as a whole and is great for dealing with fatigue, burn out and depression. It's one of nature's best foods when it comes to revitalising our body's cells. It slows down the skin ageing process and reduces liver spots, thanks to its regenerative and nutritional properties.

Ginseng is THE energy booster par excellence! It kick starts blood oxygenation and intercellular exchanges, whilst stimulating our nervous system. And that's not all... Ginseng helps to balance out our skin and reduce its stress levels - there's a reason why it's been used for centuries in Asia as an anti-ageing powerhouse!

Aloe vera: the flesh of this humble plant contains 250 different active ingredients including acemannan, a detoxifying and anti-inflammatory polysaccharide. Packed with amino acids, minerals and vitamins, aloe vera is skin's BFF, capable of soothing dry skin and boosting fibroblast production - the cells responsible for manufacturing collagen. This means it helps our epidermis to retain its elasticity and therefore fight the signs of ageing.

Dark chocolate: a turbo-charged, natural anti-depressant that combats anxiety. The perfect way to kiss goodbye to those winter blues! And when we're feeling happy it shows - shiny locks, glowing skin, fresh-faced features and bundles of energy. Chocolate also has a direct, beneficial effect on our skin. It's rich in antioxidants and, when used in massage oils, it helps to heal scars and boosts our micro-circulation. Cocoa's flavanoids have an anti-inflammatory action that helps tone up and revitalise skin. What's more, its polyphenols slow down the skin ageing process. So don't feel bad next time you attack a bar!!