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Natecium, The Ingredient For Boosting Cellular Regeneration

Natecium The Ingredient For Boosting Cellular Regeneration

Every day our skin regenerates, and has a lifecycle of around a month. This means that the 500,000 cells which make up one square centimetre of our skin will each only live for 4 weeks. As a result of micro-injuries, our diet and our age, they die and subsequently transform into “dead skin”, the same stuff that we exfoliate off once a week using a gentle scrub.

Our skin really kicks into intensive mode during the night: the cells in the epidermis layer multiply at their maximum level at 01:00, when our skin is subject to fewer external aggressors and benefits from a certain tranquillity allowing this regeneration process to take place. In contrast, it's at its lowest at 13:00 when it is producing three times fewer cells.

As we start to get into our 50s, following all the hormonal disruptions linked to the menopause and the lack of oestrogen, our epidermis changes and signs of skin ageing start to sink in: skin becomes less firm, more delicate, thinner and drier. Cellular regeneration is to blame: stem cells; the source of youthful skin; find their regenerative role a lot more difficult, causing a drop in the production of both collagen and elastin. The result: the epidermis thins out...the skin starts to sag, wrinkles deepen, smile lines begin to appear and the number of pigment spots increases. We therefore need to reinforce the epidermis to reinvigorate cellular regeneration.

Natecium, a natural ingredient, is a powerful antioxidant which plays an important role in protecting the stem cells. Its purpose? To boost the creation of new cells to help encourage the skin's regeneration day after day. New cells therefore emerge in a quicker cycle than that which is normally found in fifty-year-old skin. Thanks to natecium, the cells in the skin find a new lease of life: immediately, it's softer, smoother and a lot more comfortable. Day after day, like a real renaissance, the skin is regenerated, plumped up, and more radiant: in a nutshell, it's full of life!