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Myth Busting: Fake Tan

Myth Busting Fake Tan

True: To avoid the zebra look, apply the fake tan over your face and body with a quick massaging movement. Spread the product out evenly to make sure you haven't missed anywhere, but avoid areas like your eyebrows, scalp, elbows and knees. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and clean your nails after application!

True: But it's up to you to choose the right amount of DHA, the pigment that colours the skin. The fake tan carrot look from a few years ago is no longer a worry. You can now choose between products that will give you a slight tinted glow; for blondes;, a more caramel complexion; for brunettes; and products that promise a progressive tan and therefore let you control your tan.

False: That was before... You had to apply the fake tan until it emitted a persistent unpleasant smell. This was because of the DHA which, when in contact with the skin and oxygen, set off a smelly chemical reaction. Nowadays, there are perfumed and odourless self tanning products for you to choose from.

False: Even the best self tanning products do not contain a solar filter. Fake tan is a kind of makeup, so even though it colours your skin, it is useless against prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB rays. If you want to tan in the sun, you must apply a protective sun cream.

True: Exfoliating eliminates dead cells from the body and face, thus smoothing out the skin and providing a base for an even tan. Ideally, do it the day before and concentrate on your knees, elbows and heels, which are where the skin is thickest. Scrubbing should make the fake tan last longer and prevent marks.

False: The new generation of the best self tanning products dries really quickly, so that you can get dressed 2 minutes after applying. Even so, avoid wearing a white T shirt or trousers on the day of application; wait till the next day!

False: Cream, milk, gel, spray, foam, mist... there are plenty of different consistencies for you to choose from. The cream tends to be best for the face, while a spray is easiest for the body, as it doesn't need much rubbing in.