Skin Care

My skin has a tendancy to be atopic

Is your skin dry, red, and sensitive? Does it irritate? Is it itchy, tight and uncomfortable? In addition, do you have allergies? You don't have to look far! It's likely that you have atopic skin.

It's not an illness, but more of a genetic predisposition towards developing allergies. Atopic skin reacts sensitively to certain allergens, forms intolerances and is more porous: it no longer fulfils its role as a barrier against external aggressions. Result - atopic dermatitis. Benign, non-contagious, it evolves by outbreaks of eczema which provoke intense itching.

Atopic skin is characterised by a state of extreme dryness: the application of hydrating and soothing creams should be integrated into your skincare routine for this skin type. Regular hydrating will repair the skin which can then act again as a protective barrier from external aggressions. Therefore, use hydrating skincare products with less allergens and as neutral as possible such as petroleum jelly based creams or a cold cream. Try the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Moisturizing Night Cream to restore and revitalize the skin overnight. The Revitalift night cream hydrates the skin and boosts regeneration for a fresh and radiant look. For a shower, choose oily, soap-free products and do not stay for hours under the water to prevent long-term skin exposure to calcium or chlorine. Dry without rubbing using a soft towel.

Atopy develops on a favourable genetic background: between 50% and 70% of people who have atopic skin have a parent who is equally affected. But genetics aren't solely responsible for atopic skin. Environmental changes can also play a part in this phenomenon: excessive washing of the skin, exposure to cigarette smoke and other diverse pollutants, excessive hygiene for toddlers weakening their immune systems. Other factors like chemical products applied to the skin, heat and perspiration are also sources of irritation which can provoke outbreaks of eczema.

Keep your skin well moisturised and nourished at all times and use mild products that do not contain harsh chemicals. Atopic skin cannot be completely cured, but using the right skincare products and being gentle on your skin are some ways in which you can prevent it from getting irritated further.