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Monoi Oil: The A-Z of This Holiday Inspiring Scented Oil

Monoi Oil The A-Z of This Holiday Inspiring Scented Oil

Rich in vitamin E, Polynesian Monoi oil is a mixture of coconut oil and Tiare flower. Thanks to its saturated fat content, it nourishes the epidermis, making this star ingredient ideal for dry or leathery skin. However, while it may repair the skin from damage caused by the sun, Monoi oil doesn't itself protect from UV rays. If you're using it on the beach, make sure it has an added suitable SPF. But Monoi oil is not just a summertime product. It can be used anytime, anywhere: Polynesians use it to massage their faces, bodies, hands and feet. Try using it on damp skin after a shower or bath to help the oil to penetrate the skin. Or if you fancy a good soak, add a few capfuls to your bath. Relaxation is guaranteed. Bear in mind that Monoi oil is highly concentrated, so you only need a tiny amount, or you'll be slipping around the tub like an eel. If you don't want your skin to look too oily, you can always add a couple of drops to your body lotion instead.

A 100% natural vegetable product, Tahitian Monoi oil works wonders on hair. If yours is dry and brittle, apply it as a mask after shampooing. Leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse. For a really deep moisturising mask that will nourish your hair shafts, wrap your head in a warm towel and leave the oil on overnight before rinsing the following morning.

Monoi oil can also be used as a conditioner for other hair types. Carefully work just a small amount into your hair, avoiding your roots, and then thoroughly rinse off. Smooth and soft hair is yours!