Skin Care

Make the Most of Skincare Tips and Tricks For Mature Skin

The first signs of ageing start appearing when you’re in your late 20s, and once you’ve passed 45, your faces starting rapidly changing and you’ll start to notice wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines. Skin also loses its plumpness, wrinkles deepen, and skin starts looking thinner and drier. Mature skin has its own, specific needs that have to be addressed differently. Read on to learn more about matured skin and how best to care for it.

Use A Cream Cleanser

As your skin starts to age, it starts losing moisture so it is best to look for formulas that not only clean your face but also moisturise it. Opt for cream-based cleansers instead of soaps as a cream cleanser is mild and does not dry out your skin.

>Boost Skin Renewal

When choosing a daily moisturizer, focus on products that combat ageing as well as kick start your skin’s natural repair mechanisms. The new L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence contains Salicylic Acid that accelerates skin renewal & mildly exfoliates it to refine pores & skin texture. The Micro-Essence deeply repairs, plumps, and moisturizes skin for a smoother, youthful skin inside out. Its unique water-like consistency that penetrates up to 10 skin layers to reveal bright, radiant, crystal clear skin with improved moisture retention.

Don’t Forget Your Eyes

The troughs of your eyes start to deepen as you age and you also start developing crow’s feet in the corners of your eyes. A rich and nourishing under-eye cream should be an important step in your daily skincare routine. Try the L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Night Cream-Mask; an under-eye creams which helps smoothen and moisturise the delicate eye contours. Look for products that are high in essential fatty acids.

Sunscreen Is A Must

Harmful sun rays are one of the leading causes of skin damage and staying out in the sun for prolonged periods without sunscreen will only make your skin age faster. Use L'Oréal Paris UV Perfect UV Protector Transparent SPF 50+ (Non-Tinted), a lightweight sunscreen that protects you from the sun’s UV rays without feeling heavy and sticky on the skin, making it a perfect choice for Indian summers, even in the extremely humid places.

As you age, so does your skin, and even though ageing is inevitable, the right skincare products will help you manage your matured skin and take care of all of its needs. Follow these simple tips to give your skin the TLC it needs to look radiant and healthy, no matter your age.