Skin Care

Look naturally beautiful in a flash

A glowing complexion is key to looking fab without make-up. Cleanse your face with a gentle product such as micellar water or a face oil to rid the skin of impurities that accumulate both day and night. Follow with a moisturiser adapted to your skin type to hydrate and nourish your skin. Once a week, gently exfoliate using a fine grain scrub. This will remove dead cells that suffocate the skin, which can result in a sallow complexion. And make sure you protect your skin from the sun to avoid the appearance of liver spots, pimples and blemishes.

For a rosy complexion without piling on the blusher, fill your plate with foods rich in beta carotene - over time, carrots, for example, will give your skin a sun-kissed glow. Applying an ultra-light BB cream will improve skin tone, blur imperfections and conceal red patches and pimples. Some are also mattifying, which is great for oily skin. And then there's the age-old trick of slightly pinching your cheeks for an instant, rosy look. You'll finish with a natural, radiant complexion. If you don't want to wear eye make-up, then work on your eyebrows: your eyes will look bigger and your facial features defined. But make sure they don't look too thin, too far apart or too bushy. A great tip is to apply a transparent mascara: it's invisible but will give them definition. If you really don't want to apply any war paint then there's always Vaseline: apply a dab to the tip of your lashes to thicken them and then curl them using the back of a teaspoon. Make sure it doesn't end up in your eyes... Result 100% naturally beautiful eyes.

Smiling lightens up our faces. For a dazzling smile, occasionally replace your toothpaste with a bicarbonate-based paste to whiten your tooth enamel. Or book a professional teeth-whitening session. For a make-up-free, seductive smile, both winter and summer, apply a balm or oil-rich moisturising stick to you rlips. It will moisturise and nourish their thin skin, leaving a lovely, glossy finish. And once a week give your lips a light scrub to get rid of any dry skin.