Skin Care

Look Fresh Even in Scorching Heat!

Look Fresh Even in Scorching Heat

The golden summer rule is to keep hydrated, inside and out. Drinks lots of water, herbal teas, iced tea and remember to moisturise so you don't end up with leathery skin. This applies as much to oily skin as dry skin, which can also become parched. Opt for a moisturiser that's rich in fatty acids such as argan or sweet almond oil... If you have oily or combination skin, go for a lotion that doesn't contain water. For dry or sensitive skin, apply an oil-free water-based emulsion. Those of you with normal skin have the choice, but it's best to choose lighter textures.

The problem with summer is that our skin can look permanently shiny and sweaty. To get rid of a shiny T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), adapt your beauty regime by using mild, oil-free products. And make sure you gently cleanse your face morning and night. Once a week, apply a purifying face mask, which will regulate sebum production and follow this with a mattifying moisturiser. If needs be, keep some mattifying wipes close to hand, so you can touch up your face throughout the day. Fresh-looking complexion guaranteed!

The trick to looking fresh is to use light, matte textures. Forget foundation, which is too heavy for hot summer weather and opt instead for a tinted product such as a BB cream that contains an SPF. To complete your immaculate look, apply concealer to your eyelids to fix your eye shadow and add a touch of long-lasting red lipstick that won't melt the moment you head out in the sun. Finish off with a dusting of a non-oily, 100% mineral face powder.