Skin Care

Liquid Care - The New Thirst Quenching Trend

If there's one thing the cosmetic world loves it's not just the ingredients used but also the choice of texture. And in this case it's unrivalled! Liquid care has a comforting water meets oil texture, which slides across our skin, leaving a feather light film that doesn't feel sticky. A splash of freshness! It's a light, aqueous texture that looks like a gel but turns to water the moment it touches our skin. This is one product guaranteed to turn your cleansing routine into a moment of bathroom bliss! Add nourishing oils to these refreshing gels and you've got cleansing heaven in a bottle: the texture of a lotion, as effective as a serum, the comfort of a cream and the sensual touch of an oil.

Originating in Asia (Japan to be precise), water based treatments are an essential part of oriental skincare routines. This latest must-have was inspired by rice water, a favourite ingredient with Japanese women. They washed their faces with rice water, which is packed with vitamin E, iron and other minerals to cleanse and soothe skin irritated by what is often a harsh environment - very humid, high pollution levels etc. Soon other water-based cleansers appeared, for example those containing vegetable waters such as aloe vera, green tea or other 100% natural active ingredients. But they didn't stop there! Luckily for us we can now benefit from their latest invention - liquid care AKA cosmetic water. These treatments come as mists, gels or creams and have fondant, feather-light textures that closely resemble water. Nowadays 9 out of 10 Japanese women use cosmetic water and it's popularity has taken on global proportions!

Every day our skin loses 20% of its water content, which leads to dehydration. Slowly but surely it becomes less dewy, feels uncomfortable and loses its youthful glow. So liquid care is based on the premise that water is essential if we're to have healthy skin. And well-hydrated skin ages at a slower rate! Our skin needs its daily dose of water to remain elastic and supple. Part of this comes from drinking water and herbal/fruit teas - 1.5l per day according to nutritionists - but our skin can also get its share from the treatments that we apply. For example, treatments rich in active ingredients such ashyaluronic acid, glycerin and aloe vera.

Firstly, cosmetic water is not the same as a toner or mists. Quite the opposite! Cosmetic water is ultra-moisturising. And we all know that moisturizing is the one way ticket to a clear complexion and necessary if we're to slow down the signs of ageing and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Which is what makes cosmetic water so appealing! The benefits of each cosmetic water depends on the active ingredients it contains: anti-inflammatory, brightening, antioxidant, anti-pollution, anti-ageing... There are even formulae designed for younger skin that contain powders to soak up excess sebum. Whichever one you choose, the star ingredients remain hyaluronic acid and collagen, both of which deeply hydrate and plump up our skin.