Skin Care

How To Keep Your Tan After Summer Has Gone

After coming back from holiday, a tan can last for up to 2 months... provided you suntan correctly. It's better to gradually build up your tan over a long period rather than blast your skin in a short time. What's more, your tan will last longer if you have naturally darker skin or if your tan is well developed.

To get a long-lasting tan, it's important to be well protected from the sun. If you don't use an adequate sunscreen, you'll risk getting sunburnt and end up with peeling skin. Your tan will end up looking patchy and won't last long.

Don't worry, a good scrub won't remove your bronzed glow. On the contrary - it will make your tan look more radiant and leave you with softer skin. It's a golden summer tan rule, as scrubbing will remove dead skin cells that dull the skin. However, don't scrub if you have peeling skin or sunburn.

Moisturising will help you keep a tan for longer and avoid flaking skin. Moisturise well using a rich, hydrating lotion so that your skin doesn't dry out. After a day at the beach and when you return from holiday, make sure you moisturise your skin every evening so that it can regenerate without peeling.

Using the right make-up will keep your tan glowing for longer. You don't need to pile it on: a dusting of bronzing powder and an iridescent highlighter on your cheeks will enhance your tan, while a glitter body oil will help keep your golden hue looking radiant!