Skin Care

How To Get A Younger Looking Smile

Clean this delicate area of the face carefully with a gentle cleanser, and once a week, exfoliate very gently to remove dead skin from the lips, leaving them smooth. Use a special gentle scrub or simply use a soft toothbrush. In the morning and evening, hydrate the contours of the mouth with an anti-wrinkle treatment or a lip wrinkle filling treatment to prevent chapping and further wrinkles appearing. Certain products can even be used throughout the day over lipstick. Apply a rich balm to the lips and give them time to absorb all the hydrating and nourishing agents overnight. In the morning, your pout will be smooth and full.

For those of you who have complexes about their little fine lines and creases, non-ablative laser treatment provides a solution. It is an instant surface-peeling treatment that does not leave any redness or swelling. For mouths with more wrinkles or where there is a loss of volume, cross-linked hyaluronic acid can be injected, which is sufficiently thick to plump up the lips and firm them where needed. You can also have injections under the skin to smooth away lines around the mouth.

These little make-up tips will make you look younger. Start by applying a smoothing base all over the mouth to reduce the creased effect. Then outline the lips with a beige or pink lip pencil: this will make them look fuller. Choose a satin lipstick, which will plump up the lips by reflecting the light. Avoid glossy lipsticks; these will bleed into the lines. Use a touch of highlighter above the top lip to make lips look fuller. For those in a hurry, there are lipsticks that stimulate the collagen: plumping up pouts and smoothing away wrinkles.