Skin Care

How Do I Use a Loofah Or Horsehair Glove?

Most people have heard of loofahs or horsehair gloves, but may not know what they are or how they're used. And, be warned, using them in the wrong way can be a painful experience! Horsehair gloves are made from long, rough horsehair, which is a highly durable material, and loofah mitts are usually made from natural vegetable fibres from either the luffa plant or other fibrous plants such as such as agave and dwarf palm.

First and foremost, thanks to their naturally strong yet gentle fibrous textures, horsehair gloves and loofahs are excellent exfoliators. Every day thousands of skin cells die and need to be removed so that our skin can breathe and our pores remain unclogged. The result of using a natural exfoliator like horsehair or loofah mitts is smooth, glowing skin. Secondly, their use kick-starts our circulation, and allow moisturisers to better hydrate our skin. They're also great if used before hair removal: they make our body hair stand on end, which in turn makes hair removal easier and helps prevent ingrown hairs. The rough texture of horsehair gloves and loofahs stimulates circulation, which helps to dislodge cellulite and smoothes the orange peel skin that cellulite can result in.

Horsehair gloves and loofahs should be used on dry skin, as this avoids the risk of irritation. The technique is easy: one or twice a week, brush your body using circular movements, working from your feet upwards, so as to boost your blood flow. Lightly massage from your ankles to thighs, across your hips and arms, paying closer attention to stubborn areas that have cellulite or dry skin. However, if you have sensitive skin, you may want to give horsehair gloves and loofahs a miss!