Skin Care

Help, Winter's Here and My Skin's A Mess!

During winter our skin is put to the test: cold air giving us dry skin, wind that burns it, heavy clothes that irritate it and temperature changes between icy streets and over-heated offices that throw it off-kilter. The elements wear away its hydrolipidic layer - the protective sheaf that forms a barrier between our bodies and the great outdoors. Meaning our skin needs extra loving care! And why it's essential to adopt a suitable winter skincare routine. Arch enemy No.1: dehydration. Apply creams, balms and serums that are packed with moisturising ingredients that will repair the hydrolipidic film and prevent dry skin.

Our lips are often the first to suffer when winter arrives. They become flaky, sore and chapped. Believe it or not, spending your hard-earned cash on any old lip balm is not the best idea, as they don't usually contain ingredients that will help your winter-abused pout. Sure, they'll give some instant relief and can be used as a quick fix throughout the year, but they don't actually repair lip skin that's been damaged by the cold. Opt instead for balms that are 100% natural and contain shea butter, arnica, sweet almond oil and olive oil. You should also gently scrub your lips once a week to get rid of dead skin cells.

First and foremost, don't wash your face with tap water. It's harsh and contains limestone, which will irritate the epidermis. Go for micellar water, a cleansing oil or lotion. And finish off with a nourishing and hydrating moisturiser. The aim? To provide our skin's hydrolipidic film with an additional, protective, layer. Finally, treat yourself to a face mask. Masks that can be left on overnight are great during winter and you'll wake up with baby soft skin. Once your skin is well-hydrated, it'll feel soothed, comfortable and boast a healthy glow.

Winter skincare essentials need to be hydrating. Even if you love your lotion, it's better to use richer products during winter: hydrating creams and dry oils will deeply nourish and soften your skin. Hydrating treatments will also provide a protective coating so that your skin doesn't lose precious water. If your skin is more leathery than your belt, go for a thick, nourishing, moisturising balm that contains shea butter or sweet almond oil. You should also space out your scrubbing sessions. Our skin enjoys a good scrub as it boosts our circulation, but we need to lighten up during winter months. Scrubbing once every couple of weeks is enough.

We may protect our hands with gloves during winter, but sometimes that's not enough. As the mercury plummets, our hands get red, swollen and chapped. Keep a good cream close to hand and apply it several times a day - shea butter hand creams work a treat. And when evening comes, give them a good old pampering! You can also protect your assets by applying a mask once a week. Finish off by slathering on a moisturiser and slipping on a pair of dermatological cotton gloves for the night. You'll wake up to soft, smooth hands that are ready to face another icy day!