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Help! I Have Droopy Eyelids!

Help I Have Droopy Eyelids

The skin around the eye is very delicate as the epidermis there is four times thinner than on the rest of your face. It also has very few support fibres (collagen and elastin). Over the years, their production slows down. The dermis becomes more and more delicate and the skin slackens; and as a result, the eyelids droop. They can also be caused by the slackening of the eye muscles. Many external factors can contribute, too: sun exposure, tobacco, pollution, unsuitable make-up, hormonal imbalance.

Unfortunately, without surgery, there are no effective solutions for droopy eyelids. However, there are skincare products with active ingredients to help counteract this loss of elasticity. Start off by using cornflower or camomile floral water. Apply it with cotton wool and the puffiness around your eyes will be reduced within a few minutes. Then use an eye contour product to hydrate, lift and firm the skin. It will reduce the appearance of lines, plump up the skin and reduce any puffiness. Choose a product containing hyaluronic acid to hydrate, plump up the skin and regenerate cell renewal. Something else that always works well: an eye massage! Place your index and middle fingers under the eyebrow and lift the eyelid, then slide your fingers across from the eye socket towards the lines on the outer corners. Dermatologists can treat droopy eyelids with Thermage, a radiofrequency skin treatment. Radiofrequency causes collagen fibres to contract, thus firming up the skin. Your eyes will look wide awake after just one treatment!