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Get glowing skin this winter with a homemade facial peel!

Get glowing skin this winter with a homemade facial peel

The good news? Winter's the ideal time to kiss yours allow complexion goodbye without having to risk exposure to the sun! How? Facial peels are THE star treatment for long-lasting flawless skin. They get rid of dead cells that dull our skin and boost skin cell renewal. But don't confuse peeling with scrubbing! Peeling is designed to take off a layer of skin to help it to regenerate whilst zapping minor imperfections - dull skin, uneven texture, open pores, lines, wrinkles, liver spots...

Who should try it? Those of you with normal skin that's not dry or prone to excess sebum. Anyone who needs to boost their complexion after a sleepless night.You'll need:

- 2 tablespoons of honey

-1 tablespoon of sugar Mix both ingredients until you get a smooth paste.

If it's too thick for your liking, you can always add a teaspoon of olive oil. Apply to your face, avoiding your eye contours. Massage it in for a few minutes using small, circular movements and then rinse off with lukewarm water. The benefits? The sugar will give you a bright, dewy complexion, whilst the nourishing honey will moisturise your skin.

Who should try it? Those of you with sensitive, reactive skin. Winter means blotchy, itchy, tight skin that's highly sensitive to temperature changes.You'll need:

- a handful of oatmeal

- a glass of mineral water

- a few drops of sweet almond oil Mix up the ingredients and apply to your face. Don't massage it in! Leave it to dry and then fully rinse it off.The benefits? Oats are great for sensitive skin: they gently exfoliate and purify skin, without damaging the epidermis. As for sweet almond oil, it's packed with vitamins A and E, leaving skin feeling comfortable and moisturised.

Who should try it? Those of you with oily or acne-prone skin. You'll need:

- a slice of lemon and that's all!Using a cotton pad, wipe the fresh lemon juice over your face, avoiding your eye contours. Leave it for 2-3 minutes. Don't worry if it stings

- it's supposed to! Rinse off and follow by applying a moisturiser. The benefits? Fruit-based peels (lemon in particular) contain AHAs or alpha-hydroxy-acids. These strip skin of dead cells and boost collagen production. Cellular renewal speeds up, leaving skin squeaky clean, supple and toned.Before applying your homemade peel, test a dollop on the inside of your elbow or wrist, where your skin is more sensitive.