Skin Care

Five Skincare Tips to Cleanse The Surface of Your Nose

The skin of your nose is very thin and also has a lot of sebaceous glands. With stress, hormonal fluctuations and external factors like sun and pollution, sebum production increases. In excess, it clogs the pores and oxidises the skin, giving rise to blackheads. The sides of the nose are also where large pores are at their most visible. Here are some tricks to help you conquer those dreaded blackheads and deep clean your nose.


Steam your face once a week. Cover your head with a towel and hunch over a bowl of hot water. The steam will open your pores. Excess sebum and toxins are released making blackhead removal far easier. The skin is left clean and free from suffocating impurities. If your pores are badly clogged, use a gentle, deep cleansing face scrub.


Pore strips

Designed to stick to and remove impurities, pore strips are a great way to quickly clean the sides of the nose. Leave on for 10 minutes and, once removed, your skin will be visibly cleaner, free of excess sebum and without a blackhead in sight.


Clay mask

Use a clay face mask once or twice a week. Try the L'Oreal Paris Pure-Clay Exfoliate & Smooth Mask to remove dead cells and clean dirt and oil from the skin. Apply to the sides of the nose, leave for 10 minutes, and rinse off with warm water. Clay masks absorb excess sebum, neutralise toxins, and purify the skin.


Blotting paper

Small enough to keep in your handbag, a simple blotting with a mattifying face paper across the T-zone will reduce shine. Its active ingredients talc, zinc, and kaolin will absorb excess sebum and mattify the skin.



Dilute three drops of a purifying essential oil (tea tree, rosewood, rose geranium, grapefruit, lavender) in a teaspoon of vegetable oil (sweet almond, apricot, argan, avocado). Massage it on to the sides of the nose until fully absorbed. The blend of oils will cleanse the sides of the nose and balance the skin's protective hydrolipidic film.

Oily skin, enlarged pores, and blackheads - the sides of the nose are the first part of the T-zone to show signs of excess sebum. Follow these simple skincare tips to de-clog the pores of your nose and purify the skin around it.