Nothing beats fast walking, cycling, jogging or swimming for toning the lower body. Not only do you burn calories, but the oxygen you breathe in deep cleanses your system.

Physical activity improves blood circulation as well as skin microcirculation. There is nothing better to help the skin get the most out of the toning than a skin firming cream. Opt for a collagen-rich cream to strengthen the tissues. It moisturises and nourishes the skin to protect against external aggressors and prevents it from drying out.

Natural proteins; such as those found in poultry, dairy products, meat, eggs and fish; are the foods richest in amino acids. When these amino acids enter the muscles, they increase and maintain muscle mass. They play an active part in toning your figure. Another advantage: they are very filling and slim you down. Yes, the body uses six times more energy digesting proteins than digesting sugar or fat. As a result, 30 per cent of food intake is burned off and muscle mass is increased, which in turn burns off even more. Another good way to tone up your body.

The pressure of hands on the skin... It is magic and its toning powers are scientifically proven. The movement compresses tissues, including fibroblasts, the cells that secrete the collagen and elastin fibres that make up the dermis. Massage encourages fibre production, which tends to slow down with age and exposure to the sun.

We know that solar rays destroy collagen and elastin fibres, causing solar elastosis, a lack of elasticity in the skin. Just as you protect your face from sun damage and premature ageing, you can stop the skin on your body from sagging by using a sunscreen. Our advice: pay particular attention to the most delicate areas where the skin is the thinnest, such as the neckline, inside your arms and thighs.