Skin Care

Facials for all ages

Your skin has different needs at different ages. The skin care products you use in your 20s will do little for your mature skin at 50s. Here are a few different ways you can take care of your skin depending on your age.

1. Enhance your complexion in your 20s

When you are in your twenties, you dream of a perfect, peachy complexion. But you may have blemishes, dull skin, and the first signs of fine lines. Choose a 'skin perfecting' product that smooths and reduces fine lines, leaving your skin radiant. Look for products that are hydrating and enriched with LHA (beta-lipohydroxy acid) and Perlite. They will leave your skin hydrated, smoother, and softer.

2. Hydrate your skin in your 30s

The amount of collagen in the skin starts to decrease at 35. The first little expression wrinkles start to appear and you begin to lose elasticity. Tackle the problem by keeping the skin hydrated, and choose a specific treatment for wrinkles. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are the key ingredients to look out for to smooth away lines, hydrate the skin and preserve its elasticity.

3. Attack wrinkles in your 40s

At 45, cell renewal slows down. Wrinkles are more noticeable, your skin loses its tone, and facial contours start lose their shape. But don't panic! Get yourself an anti-wrinkle skincare treatment containing retinol to stimulate cell renewal. The result: wrinkles are reduced and the skin becomes more elastic.

4. Tackle the loss of volume in your 50s

From 55, the skin becomes dry, due to a lack of lipids on its surface. The signs of aging become more noticeable. Your skin needs to nourished, hydrated and filled out. Choose a skincare product enriched with retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, pro-xylane and/or calcium. Calcium has powerful anti-aging properties, which strengthen the skin's barrier. Wrinkles are reduced, your skin becomes firmer and your face has more volume.

Whatever your age, the holy trinity of skincare is hydration + exfoliation + sun protection. Hydration is the first step towards perfect skin. Load your skin with moisture to keep it supple. Exfoliate gently once a week to remove dead skin cells from the surface and keep your skin clear and radiant.

The final and a very crucial point is sun protection! UV rays are the primary cause for premature skin aging. No matter what your age, whenever you are outside, use skincare products containing an SPF. If you want to not only shield your skin from the harmful rays of the sun but also protect it from pollution, try the UV Perfect Matte and Fresh by L’Oréal Paris. This matte and non-comedogenic sunscreen is enriched with Mexoryl and Long UVA filters to provide photo-stable broad spectrum protection. The Detoxyl in the UV Perfect Matte and Fresh helps to protect skin from pollution micro-particles.

Whether you are in your 20s with soft and supple skin or are worried about fighting off wrinkles in your 40s, the right skin care products will help you take care of your skin and protect its youthful appearance for years to come. Make skin care a part of your daily routine, morning and evening, and enjoy healthy and beautiful skin regardless of your age.