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Facial fat transfer, a natural technique for rejuvenation

Facial fat transfer a natural technique for rejuvenation

It's a technique used to help improve the volume and contours of your face. The filling process, which involves a transfer of your own fat cells, completely rejuvenates the face. The fat stem cells are taken from the inside of the knee or thigh to then be injected into the particular areas of the face using a very thin needle. On top of the feeling of security that comes from using your own fat, the latter contains both stem cells and growth promoters which truly help to revitalise your skin. And the fat transfer technique doesn't make your face look like it's frozen, the effect it gives is very natural.

Fat transfer is suitable for all face shapes, but it's designed for those faces that are gaunt, thin and tired looking in particular. This method gives excellent results when it comes to filling your wrinkles, temples and cheekbones, smoothing out your eye lids, plumping up your lips, filling your smile lines and reshaping the contours of your face. Other areas of the body can also be treated using the fat transfer technique; namely your hands, which can often be marked as the years go by, or the chest area which starts to sag as the breasts become less firm.

It's a surgical procedure which occurs in an operating theatre under local anaesthetic. The surgeon will take the fat cells from an area of your body that is less sensitive to weight fluctuations. The fat is then centrifuged to purify it, and subsequently injected using a micro-needle into the different areas of the face that have started to hollow out. If the treatment is only needed for a small area, you can leave straight away: if it's for your whole face, then you need to factor in two hours of rest.

There may be a few small bruises or swelling on your face at the sites of injection but these will disappear in the following days, normally within a week or so. You'll spot the results straight away, but they are at their optimal level a few months after, as this is the time that the stem cells need to work their magic on the quality of your skin. And this facial rejuvenation will last for several years!