Skin Care

Facial cleansers: choose a texture to suit your skin type

You have heard this a hundred times already, cleansing is THE key to flawless skin, it's essential in your quest to keep our skin glowing, youthful and healthy. But with so many different facial cleansers available in the market today, you need to know which one is best for your skin type. Read on to find out more about the different textures and which one will best suit your skin.

1. Dry skin

With their soft, creamy textures, cleansing milks are a beauty staple. Easy to use, they're suited to all skin types. They are, however, the perfect facial cleansers for dry skin, especially during winter, as they both gently clean and nourish. They moisturise skin and, unlike tap water, won't damage the epidermis.

2. Normal or irritated skin

Oils are the latest cleansing superheroes! Perfect for normal or irritated skin, cleansing oils stick to and melt make up residues. No need to rub - in one quick sweep, they remove make up and impurities accumulated throughout the day (pollution, dust, sweat). Added plus - they're super quick to use and are the most effective of all facial cleansers!

3. Sensitive skin

Micellar water is the most gentle of facial cleansers. As fresh and light as water, as effective as a lotion, this one's for sensitive and/or patchy skin. It's the micelle content that harnesses skin's impurities and it's easily applied with a cotton pad. No rinsing or other facial cleanser required!

4. Oily skin

Oily skin has to deal with an excess of sebum, which mixes with any make up and traps impurities. Oily skin needs a facial cleanser that works on a deeper level. Aqueous foams and gels dissolve make up, cleanse skin, and remove excess oil. For example, the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Milky Foam is a daily skin cleanser and face wash that is enriched with an exfoliating agent to eliminate impurities refine smoothness and boost skin texture.

Did you think something as simple as a facial cleanser could also have so many different types? Well now you know! Remember to choose the right texture based on your skin type to protect your skin while you clean it!