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Face Oil: A Pampering Product For Glowing Skin

Face Oil A Pampering Product For Glowing Skin
Face oil: a pampering product for glowing skin

Face oils have been climbing the beauty ladder for a number of years. The latest formulae target specific issues and nowadays closely resemble serums. They're packed with anti-ageing, hydrating and soothing active ingredients, blended into a vegetable oil base. They sometimes include essential oils for an even more dramatic effect. The result? Cutting-edge formulae that are more powerful than serums, whilst harnessing the nourishing, repairing and regenerative properties of oils.

Gorgeous to the touch and bursting with active ingredients, every drop of face oil tones, smoothes and moisturises our skin to leave it with a healthy glow. What's more, face oils nowadays have feather-light textures that don't leave behind a greasy film. They penetrate skin in a flash, without losing their sumptuous texture or nourishing power, so that you can immediately apply make up. In short, face oils are the answer to all our beauty banes. Not least because you'll quickly see the results! They're quick and easy to apply and can be used alone or incorporated into a Korean-style layering routine. The winning combo? Apply your face oil morning and/or night, followed by a serum and moisturiser.

Quick to apply, quick to penetrate, face oils can be used in a number of ways. Here are 3 ways to quench dry or dull skin:- To nourish skin during the day: apply 3 drops of face oil to clean, damp skin and, working out from the centre of your face, smoothe it on before tapping it in with your fingertips. If you have dry skin, you can use it in place of a serum, before applying your moisturiser.

For glowing, evening skin: face oil can be used to highlight features that are dry or need a dewy kick. Apply a drop to your cheekbones, nose, chin and lip contour for instant red carpet glamour. - As a make up primer: face oils work wonders as a base. Make up is easier to apply and stays put, without accentuating any lines or wrinkles!