Heat and air conditioning are your epidermis’ biggest enemies during summers. Whether you spend your summer in front of the computer or on a holiday, cold and warm air both absorb moisture from the skin and damage the cutaneous barrier, rendering it unable to do its protective job properly.

To avoid papier-mâché skin, maintain a healthy glow throughout summer, and ensure facial health, you can adopt a hydration strategy. It's easy; simply choose a serum full of hyaluronic acid and apply it like an ordinary face cream before your sun cream routine.

The L’Oréal Paris Skincare Revitalift Derm Intensives 1.5% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum moisturises the skin and plumps it up, thus reducing lines and wrinkles to bring out an even complexion.

This lightweight serum is easily absorbed and instantly hydrates all the layers of your skin to give you younger-looking skin. You can use it as a skin moisturiser before applying make-up. This product is even suitable for all skin types, i.e. dry, oily, sensitive, combination, as well as mature skin. Additionally, even the sebaceous glands can get carried away during summers. The solution? Mattifying skincare with ingredients that absorb excess sebum.

Need a top-up during the day? Blotting papers are a must for face care in summer; take some with you for a discreet retouch.

Stick to lighter textures when the weather gets warmer. A gel or liquid blusher can be applied with your fingers as it melts into your skin to give it a fresh, natural look. This way, you achieve a bare summer look and avoid the heavy feeling generally experienced with powder blushers when temperatures soar.

For your eyes, mascara is obligatory, but whether you are in the city or at the beach, it tends to become runny when temperatures rise over 30°C. So, to put an end to the ‘panda look’, the last of our summer skincare tip is to go for waterproof mascara. Choose between black or blue depending on your mood. To remove it easily and without damaging your eyelashes, we recommend a waterproof makeup remover of course.