Skin Care

Face, Arms, Boobs... Help, They're All Heading South!

Face Arms Boobs Help Theyre All Heading South

From 50 onwards our faces lose fat and our skin slackens. The skin's inner scaffolding - collagen and elastin - decreases. Our facial contours become less defined and our jowls loosen. Lifting helps tighten skin, remove wrinkles and restore elasticity. Face lifts can correct the entire face - from forehead to neck- or target specific areas (the corner of the eyes, cheekbones, neck, forehead).

Arm lifting involves removing excess skin from the inner arms. This is a fragile part of the body, particularly in women. From our forties onwards, arm skin tends to sag and crumple, particularly if we lose a lot of weight. Arm lifts are usually undertaken because we want to show off our upper arms. A technique called brachioplasty gets rid of bat wings, but it's best to get the procedure done early on, to keep scarring to a minimum.

Our bums and thighs are a national obsession; we see them change alongside our body shape, be it during pregnancies or with age. Thigh lifts remove excess skin from the inner thighs, for a toned, athletic look. Bum-wise, lipofilling increases the size of our buttocks by injecting fat removed from another part of the body, in order to firm them up and restore their shape.

Age, pregnancy and significant weight loss can make our boobs sag. Their skin stretches and they droop. Lifting will raise them and tighten their skin, giving us back the pert cleavage of our teenage years!