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Eye Contour Acupressure: The Solution For Younger Looking Eyes

Eye Contour Acupressure The Solution For Younger Looking Eyes
Eye contour acupressure: the solution for younger looking eyes

The skin around the eye contour is three times thinner than on the rest of the face. This fineness makes the eye contour area extremely sensitive to our lifestyle. As this zone is very fine, it is more vulnerable to external aggressions, to lack of sleep and to the first signs of ageing: through a lack of collagen, elastin and fatty cells, the eye contour can become very dry. Once fragile, it is the ideal place for your first wrinkles to make an appearance. Applying an eye contour skin care product can help to preserve this area, but even a simple massage can boost micro-circulation, improve the effectiveness of anti ageing products and lead to younger looking eyes.

This method is inspired by shiatsu and works through light pressure from the fingertips on the face's energy points; around the eyes and eyebrows; thus creating an incredible feeling of relaxation and letting go. Above all, acupressure boosts circulation and drains lymph fluid, making it an even more interesting proposition for eye rejuvenation, as this means it camouflages signs of fatigue (bags, dark circles, drawn features) and slows down signs of ageing. It is an easy beauty routine addition that can be carried out when you wake up, especially if you didn't get quite enough shut-eye!

Start with a toning action for the eye contour. Place your fingertips on the inner corner of each eye and massage with clockwise motions. This action encourages drainage and decongestion. Then move to the second point, in the middle of each eyebrow, and make the same movement. Then, massage the end of each eyebrow, for younger looking eyes.

Place your fingertips on your lower eyelids and apply very light, anticlockwise pressure. Start at the inner corner of the eye, then move out slowly until reaching the crow's feet.

Finish off with a smoothing action that will boost micro-circulation. With your fingertips, tap gently around the eye contour. To make this technique even more effective and rejuvenate your eye contour, you can also turn to chamomile essential oil.