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Everything you need to know about plumping and revolumising creams!

Everything you need to know about plumping and revolumising creams

Plumping and revolumising serums, day creams and night creams work a treat when it comes to firming up our features and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. 3 to 4 drops of serum applied morning and night is all it takes to pump our skin full of hyaluronic acid that lasts several hours. A plumping booster that will increase the benefits of other beauty treatments we apply.

Bursting with micro-metric hyaluronic acid (small, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that easily penetrates the epidermis), Revitalift Filler (AH) is a revolumising moisturisr that will plump up your features in a matter of weeks. Mirrors don't lie: you'll see tear troughs fade, your cheekbones will become fleshy and you can kiss goodbye to crepey skin on your neck and cleavage. Three amazing benefits that will make your face look as plump as a 20 year old.

Revolumising creams packed with hyaluronic acid won't just plump up your face. They're designed to have a global action when it comes to preserving our youthful looks. They banish wrinkles, combat sagging, deeply moisturise, reinforce our skin's natural barrier and improve the texture of our skin. Used on a daily basis, a hyaluronic acid-based cream helps zaps the classic signs of ageing skin. Clinically proven, efficient, anti-ageing miracles in a pot.

Plumping and revolumising creams that contain micro-metric hyaluronic acid have a volumetric effect, meaning they restore harmony to our features to give us back our youthful look. Skin density improves, facial contours are defined and wrinkles fade. In a nutshell? They make our faces look markedly younger!