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Ever Wondered About The Exact Age Of Your Body?

Ever Wondered About The Exact Age Of Your Body

Lifestyle factors: You lead a really healthy life, to the point that it drives others green with envy... You don't touch a drop of alcohol, you're a non-smoker, you exercise daily and you eat a balanced diet. You've always been that way so it's part and parcel of your everyday life. It feels natural to live this way! No feeling guilty, as you've kept yourself in trim. Result: Well done! You look young for your age and are happy with the results. You don't want the years to catch up on you and are blessed with firm features and a radiant, glowing complexion. You take care of yourself, you deal with your wrinkles and, if necessary, like the occasional filler. You still have the figure you had in your youth. Prescription: You go against the grain. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't occasionally chomp on some chocolate in front of the telly. You're allowed to give yourself a break - don't worry, you'll still look fabulous!

Lifestyle factors: You believe in maintaining a balance. You don't want to let yourself go, but you also like to live a little. You have a healthy lifestyle but don't beat yourself up if your willpower lets you down. A glass or two with your mates, a hearty meal... No problem, you just go easy the next day. Result: You and your arteries are the same age! For you it's about creating a balance between taking care of your body, but also having fun. Even if your wrinkles are a pain, it's all part of getting older. Crow's feet? Well, that's where anti-wrinkle creams come in to play. A little flab on your thighs? No problem, they make your curves even more attractive! You are happy and at ease with your body, something that only adds to your charm. Prescription: You're at peace with yourself and that's great! You could make minor changes - exercise a bit more, eat lighter meals, go wine-free for a week... You'll feel better than ever!

Lifestyle factors: You live life to the full and love spoiling yourself rotten. You don't follow any lifestyle rules and don't care when others take a pop at the way you live. You go with the flow, whether it's gulping down a bottle of fine wine, having a smoke, enjoying rich dishes, attacking a box of chocolates. As for sport... Well that's not your problem. Result: An unhealthy lifestyle that shows on your body - you look 10 years older than your actual age. Your complexion's dull, wrinkles settled in early on, your skin's getting saggy and you need to lose several kilos. You've gone a bit overboard and now it's taking its toll.

Prescription: Time to take control! Stop harming your body. Give yourself a gentle prod and embrace some lifestyle changes. Don't panic - no one's expecting you to sacrifice your happiness! Just cut down on smoking, sugar, fatty foods and booze. You don't need to kill yourself in the gym every day, but do get moving: go for a stroll, walk to work, hop on a bike, enjoy a salsa class. Trust us, it'll do wonders for both your body and soul!