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Easter: Could There Be Benefits of Chocolate For My Skin

Chocolate has always been accused of causing extra pounds and skin breakouts, but now it is showing its other, positive side. It is a real gem in cosmetics. Cocoa beans offer a range of virtues: anti aging, nourishing, anti cellulite (yes, you heard us right!), anti stress...

Thanks to the polyphenols contained in cocoa, chocolate protects the skin from free radicals, which are responsible for skin aging. Its antioxidant ability is 3 times higher than that of green tea, the superstar of the antioxidant world, and 5 times higher than black tea. By protecting the skin from outside aggression, chocolate means that you will retain a fresh complexion. The flavonoids and minerals (zinc, manganese, copper, potassium) contained in cocoa are particularly beneficial: they all boost cell renewal. Meanwhile, its vitamins A, B, D and E regenerate the epidermis... Hence the anti aging effect: the ingredients in chocolate help to protect the skin's suppleness and elasticity and boost its regeneration. Chocolate therefore helps to slow down the appearance of wrinkles and protect the skin against the damaging effects of UV rays.

Chocolate's vegetable proteins make it the ideal food to deeply nourish and repair the skin. Hence the famous cocoa butter, slightly less known than shea butter, but just as nourishing. Chocolate is made up of 53% fats that help to regenerate the lipids in the stratum corneum, making it extremely effective at bringing suppleness and radiance back to the skin. It's the perfect ally for dry skin! It is also widely used in products for dry, untameable hair with split ends. All of this is why you can find cocoa butter as an ingredient in massage butters for the skin as well as in hydrating, soothing and protective balms.

To make the most of all the benefits of chocolate at home, try our home-made face mask! You will need:- 6 large squares of dark chocolate (80% cocoa)- 3 drops of orange blossomMelt the chocolate in a bain marie, making sure it doesn't come to the boil, then add the orange blossom. Mix thoroughly so that the preparation is a liquid then apply to the face when it is lukewarm. Leave for 5 minutes then rinse away. The result: smooth, nourished skin and a glowing complexion!