True: Double cleansing will leave you with perfectly cleansed skin but, obviously, following two steps does take a bit of time. For example, if your smokey eye make up or lipstick is stubborn, you'll need to repeat the first step. So, if you're rushed off your feet, you'll probably want to give this one a miss!

False: A single cleanse is enough to get glowing skin and keep the signs of ageing at bay for as long as possible. Cleansing is THE skincare golden rule! Double cleansing is about fine-tuning your cleansing routine in order to purify the deeper levels of your skin. But the important thing is to at least cleanse.

True: Inspired by Asian beauty routines, double cleansing is a simplified version of Japanese layering, a routine women swear by in their quest for a flawless complexion. Double cleansing follows two steps (rather than layering's six) and involves applying gentle, effective treatments that are kind to the skin.

False: Double cleansing is not about cleansing the face twice with the same product! It's about using a cleanser followed by a purifier. Two techniques, two products, two textures to get squeaky clean skin.

False Not any old product! The first step uses a fat-based treatment (butter, lotion, oil) to get rid of oily substances such as sebum, make up and sunscreens. The second is an aqueous formula (lotion, gel, mousse) that will strip off hydrophilic residues, including pollution and germs.

False: This beauty routine suits all skin types, even the most sensitive. Only glitch: if you suffer from acne, you'll need to use specially adapted treatments. Don't be put off if you have oily skin - the oils, butters and lotions used are rinsed off, so you won't end up with greasy-looking skin.