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Cold Cream: Dry Skin's Best Friend!

Cold Cream Dry Skins Best Friend

Cold cream's recently seen a huge surge in popularity. Traditionally, it's always been a wintertime treatment, giving dry skin some much needed TLC. Nourishing ingredients including sweet almond oil, beeswax and rosewater help to soothe skin and form a protective barrier against environmental factors such as harsh winds and pollution. However, dry and sensitive skins can benefit from its protection during the summer months, too.

The sun, pollution and hard water can all play havoc with our skin. This is especially true during the summer months, when temperatures soar. It's a time of year when moisturisers alone may not offer quite enough nourishment. To give your skin an extra boost, cold cream can be used at night as a soothing face mask. Apply a thick layer, leave on for ten minutes or so, then remove any excess with a cotton pad. Your skin will be plumped, nourished and glowing.

Sensitive skin can often suffer from rashes, especially on the cheeks. These can be caused by the drying air conditioning, hard water or too much exposure to the sun. Cold cream is the perfect solution to soothe these sensitive areas. Apply cold cream here in the morning, along with your usual moisturiser, and repeat throughout the day as necessary. The cold cream will act as a protective balm.

Cold cream retains water and repairs the skin's protective barrier, making it the perfect aftersun. It soothes aggravated complexions and offsets dehydration caused by too much sun exposure. Apply to clean, slightly damp skin after a day in the sun and your complexion will be visibly nourished and hydrated.