Skin Care

Cloth, Patch, Gel, Powder: We Fall on Our Masks!

Cloth Patch Gel Powder We Fall on Our Masks

Designed mainly for oily or combination skin, earth face masks contain clay to absorb excess sebum and tighten the pores. They can also help fight against the development of blackheads.

Rich in fats such as shea and avocado oil or other vegetable oils, cream masques are suitable for dry skin that's lacking in lipids. Gel masks for hydration, Gel masks are very light, and hydrate the surface layer of the skin with ingredients like glycerol, collagen and aloe vera. Suitable for all types of skin, they strengthen the hydrolipidic film, which protects the skin and prevents the evaporation of water.

Originating in Asia, these are called cloth masks but can also be made from other materials, including silicone. Each mask promotes a different targeted action for the skin: hydration, firming, radiance, treatment of imperfections, refining of skin texture... the idea being that the cloth creates a seal on top of your skin to help the active ingredients penetrate the dermis.

Moulding to the shape of your face like a second skin, the objective of the bio-cellulose mask is to plump and tone. The texture provides optimal distribution of ingredients (including hyaluronic acid and collagen) for a firmer and more elastic, hydrated skin, with fine lines visibly reduced. This is the modern version of grannie's poultice. Ideal for sensitive and fragile eyes, patch masks are also used on the face to hydrate, calm and soothe. They are quick to use and there's no need to rinse. Hurrah!