Skin Care

Autumns at the door time to prepare your skin

The end of summer is a time of year when we should overhaul our skincare routine, so, bearing in mind it takes 28 days for skin cells to be renewed, it's important we get the upper hand. No need to bring out the heavy artillery or cold weather gear - we just need to put light textures aside in favour of slightly richer products. Here is how you can prepare your skin for autumn!

Use after sun products

You may well be feeling the after-effects of summer: salt, chlorine, sun, wind and high temperatures don't do our skin any favours! Slather your face and body with every last drop of your after-sun products. Packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant active ingredients, after suns will curb the impact of skin-ageing free radicals. They are also pumped full of moisturising ingredients to help repair skin damaged by the sun.

Increase your dose of vitamin C

To prolong your golden glow, the best active ingredient to incorporate into your autumn skincare routine is vitamin C. It repairs damaged skin by evening out skin tone, brightening the complexion, combating wrinkles and slowing down the negative effects of free radicals, which are responsible for premature skin ageing. Opt not only for vitamin C-rich skincare treatments but also pile your plate high with vitamin C-rich food.

Use moisturising products

No drastic measures are required, but you should add a few basics to your summer routine. Apply a serum as well as a moisturiser: with their higher concentration of active ingredients they're an effective beauty booster. Choose one according to your needs: mattifying, regenerating, anti-wrinkle or brightening. Try the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Moisturising Night Cream that strengthens the skin’s barrier and boosts regeneration. The Dermalift Technology, Pro-Retinol A, and Centella Asiatica in the Revitalift Moisturising Night Cream re-firm, restore, and revitalize the skin.

You can also dig out your eye contour cream, as this part of the face is one of the first to suffer damage due to seasonal changes and the arrival of colder weather. And, last but not least, treat yourself to moisturising face masks!

Autumn is the perfect transition between the hot summer and the cold winter, a time for you to enjoy the cool breeze while still soaking in some sunshine. Step up your skincare game to protect your skin from this seasonal change and enjoy the autumn months without any worries!