Skin Care

Antioxidants - The Roomba Of The Free Radical World

Antioxidants have been skincare star ingredients for around 20 years. Antioxidants are considered a staple 'beauty maintenance' must across the world. Their main claim to fame is the fact that they combat oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Once free radicals get out of control, they damage and breakdown skin cells. And the outwards signs of this inner battle include poor cellular function leading to premature skin ageing. Our skin becomes as rusty as an old banger!

What causes free radicals? Stress, fatigue, smoking, sun/UV exposure, pollution, etc. So, what can we do to repair the damage? Pump your skin full of antioxidants!

Known for their anti-free radical action, antioxidants can be sourced from your diet. You'll find significant quantities in cranberries, pomegranates, nuts, artichokes, watermelon, avocados alongside foods rich in vitamins C and E, polyphenols, lycopene, and provitamin A. But you'll need to eat one hell of a lot in order to quickly see the results.

Which is where face creams and under eye creams come to the rescue, thanks to their powerful moisturising, anti-ageing formulae. How do they work? By protecting skin cells from the harmful effects of oxidation, thereby slowing down the skin ageing process. So after 20 years of non-stop progress, we can now treat our skin to creams packed with antioxidants that shield us from the negative effects of pollution and UV rays. And at night they help our skin recover from a hard day's work.

The skin around is delicate and thinner than the rest of your face. Crow’s feet around your eyes, puffy under-eye bags, and sunken in eyes are some clear signs of damaged and ageing skin. To protect this fragile eye area, use an anti-oxidant rich eye cream that will restore the skin around your eyes to its former glory. Try the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Moisturizing Eye Cream to moisturize the skin around eyes, boost radiance, reduce wrinkles, and reverse the signs of ageing. The Centella Asiatica & Protinol A in the Revitalift eye cream enhance skin density and reduce wrinkles, leaving the skin fresh and more toned.

Word of warning: They may be superheroes, but antioxidant-rich products shouldn't be used instead of a sunscreen. That said, if applied regularly, you'll see visible improvements within a few months. So book a one way ticket on the antioxidant bus and get back your glow!