Skin Care

5 Simple Beauty Tips To Stay On Top Of The Game

Juggling your home, work, and social commitments can sometimes get too much and in trying to keep up with everything around you, you often forget to take care of yourself. Here are five simple habits you can adopt in your everyday routine to feel and look your best, no matter how packed your schedule is.

Adopt a daily skincare routine

With so many skincare products on the market, starting a skincare routine might seem intimidating at first, but by following a simple Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing (CTM) routine, you can achieve healthy and glowing skin without needing too many products. Use a mild cleanser to wash your face morning and night to remove all the grime and impurities from your skin. Next, apply a toner to tighten the open pores and prevent dirt particles from finding its way back into the skin. Follow this with a moisturizer that not only provides the necessary hydration but also locks in the moisture. You can try the new L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence, a unique water-like formula that penetrates up to 10 skin layers to reveal bright, radiant, and crystal clear skin. The salicylic acid in the Micro-Essence accelerates skin renewal & mildly exfoliates to refine pores & skin texture.

Use sunscreen all year round

It is a common misconception that sunscreen should only be used in the bright and sunny days. The harmful UV rays from the sun can cause damage to your skin even when it is gloomy and overcast. Regardless of the weather outside, using sunscreen daily is a must to protect your skin and prevent premature ageing. The L'Oréal Paris UV Perfect UV Protector Transparent SPF 50+ (Non-Tinted) is a lightweight sunscreen that can be used every day without it feeling heavy and sticky on your face, making it a perfect choice for the Indian climate, even in extremely humid places.

Take out time to relax

Long days, hectic lives, and chaos create chronic stress, which in turn causes certain chemicals to be released. These chemicals directly damage and age our cells. So remember to take it slow and enjoy some downtime to not only relax your mind but also your body. Go for something you enjoy doing - it could be reading a book, playing a sport, or making music. Take regular timeouts to partake in activities that help you unwind and reduce stress.

Stay Active

We all know that exercise is good for us, it keeps our bodies toned and fit. But that's not all, it also reduces stress, eliminates toxins, improves sleep, and boosts our immune system. Even if you cannot hit the gym every single day, just find little ways to get your body moving every day. Climb stairs rather than taking the lift, get off the bus/tube early and walk to work, hop on your bike, do bodyweight exercises while watching TV, the possibilities are endless.

Get good sleep

Sleeping not only recharges your batteries and gives you more energy, but regular good quality sleep also impacts your skin’s quality. When you are sleep deprived, your body releases stress hormones, and increased stress hormones can lead to inflamed skin. If you often experience trouble falling asleep, adopt a calming nightly routine - snuggle up with a book, take a relaxing bath, have a glass of hot milk, treat yourself to a pampering face mask, listen to some relaxing music, and take the time to unwind. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day - our bodies run like clockwork and setting a rhythm makes sleeping and waking easier.