Skin Care

5 Foods to Avoid If You Want to Keep Your Perfect Skin

Salt's not a skin-friendly food. A high salt diet lowers the quality of our skin, as it dehydrates our epidermis, meaning our skin dries out and becomes dull. By dehydrating our skin, salt causes its tissues to become inflamed and puffy. Industrially-produced foods such as sauces or appetisers are, therefore, foods to avoid.

White bread, pasta and other foods with a high glycemic index should be eaten in moderation. Once ingested, they raise insulin and glucose levels in the body, whilst clogging up skin pores. Result: acne!

If you have sensitive skin, you should steer clear of coffee. Its diuretic effect dehydrates our bodies and, therefore, our skin. To keep your glowing complexion, avoid coffee or follow each cup with two large glasses of water.

We all know how alcohol can negatively affect our overall health. It's also terrible for our skin, causing blotches and irritating the skin at the top of our cheekbones. It dehydrates both our bodies and skin, accelerating skin ageing so that lines and deep wrinkles appear at a rate of knots.

Think 'fish 'n chips'... fried food wreaks havoc with our skin. The oil used in deep fat fryers damages our circulation. And our skin can't function if we have poor circulation. These fats harm collagen and elastin, two proteins essential for youthful, glowing skin.