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40 years old welcome to the new 30

People are living longer than ever. We age better and at 40 years old we're very much still in our prime. Just look at Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz or Jennifer Garner - they were never more beautiful than in their forties. We gravitate towards all things natural and we're happy with wrinkles that make up part of our charm. Physically, we are ready to try something new: how about a spot of zumba? Or boxing? Why not? We start to eat healthy, sometimes organic foods but also know how to have a laugh over a glass wine or treat ourselves occasionally. Why not train up for the London, Paris or New York marathon?

Our thirties were trying, to say the least - get a home, get a job, have kids - and that's without thinking about any future middle-age crises. At 40, we're free from parental pressure, our professional lives are in check and we're no longer being kept up by crying babies. You hate your job? No problem, you'll find another one! Your husband tells you he's leaving? Hit the town for a girls' night out. Want another baby while there's still time? And with it enjoy a second childhood?

Life's too short to be wasted! An LBD's caught your eye, you've fallen in love with a pair of shoes, you fancy treating yourself to a bit of bling? Time to hit the shops! We keep an eye on our purse strings, but appreciate the need to have fun once in a while. And we're far more laid back when it comes to petty worries. We put things in perspective and give guilt trips a miss! We order chips and pudding, knowing that a quick Saturday morning run is enough to fight the flab. Focusing on ourselves is what being 40 is all about!