Skin Care

3 Winning Benefits of Cosmetic Water

Asian Beauty Obsession No.1? Hydrated skin! It's the sure-fire way to a clear, radiant complexion. Plus it keeps lines, wrinkles and age spots at bay. Cosmetic water is not a thermal water or toner. It comes as a mist, gel or cream, is light and fondant and is the closest thing to pure water that you'll find on the market. The benefits of liquid care depend on what you're after: anti-inflammatory, brightening, antioxidant, anti-pollution, anti-ageing, designed for younger skin... But whatever you choose, three star ingredients lead the pack: hyaluronic acid, collagen and aloe vera, all of which deeply hydrate and plump up skin.

Cosmetic water takes hydration one step further. You'll immediately feel its effects! Being water-based, it's immediately soak up by our skin, leaving it instantly soothed and protected by a light film that's neither sticky nor greasy. Cosmetic water allows active ingredients to deeply penetrate skin, so that it remains hydrated morning, noon and night. It's perfect for younger skin that craves water, as opposed to mature skin, which needs nourishing, lipid-rich care.

Most hydrating treatments are composed of 2/3 oil and 1/3 enriched water. Liquid care formulae contain 2/3 water and 1/3 oil, meaning they pump more water into our skin. The result? A gorgeously light texture that resembles a gel and melts the moment it comes into contact with our skin. A light, fresh splash in a bottle! A reviving, soft, watery pleasure just waiting to transform your beauty routine.