Skin Care

3 Tips For Streak Free Fake Tanned Legs

Why? To even out skin texture, get rid of dead cells and avoid looking liked a suntanned zebra. The day before your apply your fake tan, carefully scrub your legs, working up from your feet. Pay extra attention to areas where your skin is rougher, such as your heels and knees. If not, you'll find yourself with dodgy patches once you bare your pins.

The perfect fake tan is not about slathering it on, but gradually applying small amounts. How often? For a lasting golden glow, apply it 2 to 3 times a week. The magic technique for applying fake tan to legs? Rest your foot on the side of the bath or on a chair. Warm up some fake tan in your palms and smooth it on to the back of your calves, working towards the front. Gradually work up to your knees. Follow with your thighs, again working from back to front. The best way to smooth it on? By using upward movements. Finish off by applying fake tan across your feet, heels and toes. But don't add more product!

Fake tans contain DHA and erythrulose, two colour-enhancers that dry out skin by sucking up water from the epidermis. The last thing we need is skin that resembles tanned leather, so make sure you moisturise daily with a body lotion or oil. It's still wise to moisturise even if your fake tan contains hydrating active ingredients. Word of warning: don't apply a fake tan designed for bodies to your face. Their concentrated DHA and erythrulose content will leave you with a mahogany hue!