Skin Care

10 Ways To Pamper Your Dry Feet During Winter

Pop your killer heels back in the cupboard and dig out a pair of warm socks and shoes. Wear thick, absorbant socks - natural cotton is a good bet.

Our feet need to keep cosy during winter, so invest in a warming foot cream or rub on some essential oils to stimulate your blood flow.

Cut your nails in a straight line, otherwise you risk getting painful, ingrown toe nails. Gently round off the edges with nail file. And remember to apply a base coat to help set your nail polish.

Twice a month, particularly if you often wear heels or if you spend a lot of time on your feet, treat yourself to a relaxing, stress-zapping, softening foot bath. Fill up a large bowl with warm water and add a tablespoon of salt, the juice from half a lemon and a few drops of essential oil. Flop back on the sofa, soak your feet and breathe...

Healthy feet means clean feet, so make sure you wash them every day. Carefully wash your feet with donkey milk soap (for example) and don't stay too long in the bath. Thoroughly dry them, particularly between your toes, as damp skin can worsen athlete's foot or warts.

Foot skin is particularly thick and the epidermis has fewer sebaceous glands - this is why you often get dry feet. So it's important you moisturise your feet every day. Opt for nourishing, hydrating ingredients such as argan oil or sweet almond oil. If your feet resemble sand paper, up the ante by applying shea or vegetable butters.

Scrub your feet whilst they're wet and pay attention to rough areas such as your heels. If the skin's really hard, give them a rub down with a pumice stone, which will scrub off any dead cells. Best to do this after your bath/shower, as your skin will have had time to soften. Once again, pay attention to your heels!

Foot massages are one of life's greatest pleasures, so to keep your feet on form, give them a daily rub. Massaging in your foot cream is the ideal moment! It'll leave you feeling relaxed and boost your circulation. Use circular movements, pressing down with your thumbs and working from your toes to your heels.

Our feet crave as much loving care as our hands! So apply a repairing mask once a week to deeply hydrate their skin.

By working out your feet, you'll find that it improves your overall posture. Place your toes on a tennis ball. Bring your other foot up to the same level. Keep your heel on the floor. Spread your toes and then scrunch them up.